Seaside Beach Resort



Some 19th Century Pictures



Waterfront 1890 This photograph by local photographer D. Will McKay as part of an album of scenic views for tourist consumption, shows our property to the left. The true purpose of the photograph is the two derelict schooners, tourists at the time being very much fond of scenic backwaters far from the madding crowd. The one to the right is the H. V. Crandall, the one to the left the Mary Ellen. Charlotte County Archives.


Three-Master Three-master from the boardwalk, 1890. The lighthouse can be seen in the background. In the foreground, the remains of the old railway shunt line from the railway terminus at the light to town center, used mainly for coal. Charlotte County Archives.


Albert Denley Albert Denley, liveryman, 1916, in his brand-new McLaughlin-Cox. Mr. Denley owned that section of the property on which the Denley House and barn sit. Charlotte County Archives.